How to Apply for a Business Checking Account

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When applying for a business account, please bring the following to your branch of choice: 

  • 2 Primary forms of ID OR 1 Primary AND 2 Secondary forms of ID
    • Primary ID: Driver’s license, passport, state-issued or authorized city-issued ID, resident alien ID, military ID, veteran’s healthcare ID, firearm ID or global entry card
    • Secondary ID: US Visa, paystub, home rental agreement, utility bill, major credit/debit card or vehicle registration
  • Owner/Signor Information - All applicants are subject to review of past account handling and verification of the information provided
    • Full legal name
    • Address
    • Date of Birth
    • Country(ies) of citizenship
    • Country of residence
    • % of ownership (only for owners)
    • Social Security 
  • Business documentation - The following is a general list and does not apply to all business types:
    • Corporation (S Corp or C Corp)
      • Certificate/Articles of Incorporation        
    • Sole Proprietor:
      • DBA or Business Certificate (in states where this applies)
    • LLC:
      • Limited Liability Agreement
      • Limited Liability Partnership
    • Non-Profit:
      • Articles of Incorporation
      • Articles of Association/Organization
    • Partnership:
      • General partnership
    • Unincorporated Associations:
      • Membership Agreements

Find your nearest branch, then visit us to discuss your business needs and open an account.