Keep your guard up

If you believe you have been a victim of fraud related to your M&T Accounts, notify an M&T Customer Service Specialist. 

Only download apps from trusted sites.

What are malicious apps on Android or Apple?

Cybercriminals are using increasingly sophisticated methods to steal personal information. One prevalent fraud technique is the use of app store scams. Hackers lure unsuspecting victims into downloading bogus Android or Apple apps. These apps contain malicious software, which the criminals use to harvest sensitive information from a device or computer. Before a victim realizes it, they may give up critical information like bank account numbers, login credentials and passwords — all from just downloading what they thought was an innocent game or shopping app.

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How to protect yourself from malicious mobile apps

The best thing you can do to prevent app store scams is to verify the legitimacy of every app before you download it. Read the user reviews. Do some internet research to see if there are any reported issues. Only download apps you found on a trusted site or in the Apple or Android app stores.

M&T Bank account holders can further protect themselves from fraud with EZShield Identity Protection{{d426*}}. And our M&T Alerts{{d204*}}, {{d943*}}service lets you track balances and get warnings about suspicious account activity via email, text or app notification.

Help protect your account with real-time fraud monitoring.

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