M&T Alerts

Get timely balance, transaction and security updates sent right to your email or mobile device. 


Receive M&T Alerts through email, text or app notification.

Choose the email, text or app notification alerts that matter most to you and receive important account information without logging in to M&T Online or Mobile Banking.

Track balances and get warnings about account activity.

  • Low balance notices
  • Daily or weekly available balance updates
  • Posted deposits & withdrawals
  • M&T Card security alerts
    • Respond to suspicious activity alerts on your M&T Card sent to your phone
    • Automatic email alerts when potentially suspicious activity occurs or your PIN is changed
  • M&T Card transaction alerts

Two ways to enroll.

  • Online Banking. Log in to Online Banking and select M&T Bank Alerts under Services
  • Mobile Banking. Log in to the M&T Mobile App and select M&T Alerts from the Menu

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Use of these features and services requires Internet and/or data access through a computer or mobile device. Subject to availability and the same limitations as any service available through the Internet. M&T Bank is not responsible for matters that are outside of its reasonable control that might impact availability and functionality. M&T Bank reserves the right to suspend service for any reason at any time. Your mobile carrier's text messaging and data charges may apply. Fees may apply for optional services provided through M&T Online Banking. View the M&T Digital Services Agreement for additional details.
M&T Bank Alerts are available for your M&T Card through M&T Online Banking. Suspicious activity alerts notify customers of certain potentially fraudulent activity on their M&T Card. Alerts are designed to be a helpful account management tool, but they do not identify all potential fraudulent activity and are not a substitute for security and fraud precautions including, but not limited to, verifying statements and being aware of your outstanding payments and available balance. For your protection, “suspicious activity” and “card PIN change” email alerts cannot be disabled. M&T Bank is not liable for any losses customers may incur due to an alert not being delivered. Your mobile carrier's text messaging and data charges may apply.

​iPhone® iOS version 11 and later

Android™ OS version 7.0 and later​

FAQs - Online Banking

How much does Online Banking cost? 

  • There is no charge for enrolling in or using Online Banking. However, there are fees associated with optional services offered through Online Banking. Please refer to the Digital Service Fees in the M&T Digital Services Agreement. Also, please note that, depending on how you access the services, your mobile carrier's text messaging and data charges may apply.

What security measures are in place? 

  • We recommend that you take steps to safeguard your information, such as using a unique User ID and passcode for each financial institution. For tips on how to further protect yourself, visit our Security Center.
Unless otherwise specified, all advertised offers and terms and conditions of accounts and services are subject to change at any time without notice. After an account is opened or service begins, it is subject to its features, conditions and terms, which are subject to change at any time in accordance with applicable laws and agreements. Please contact an M&T representative for full details.
You will continue to receive notifications related to your M&T Online Banking activity, including failed scheduled bill payments and passcode changes, to your email address provided in M&T Online Banking.