Reach your financial goals with M&T Money Smart.

Designed to make managing your day-to-day cash flow easy, M&T Money Smart™ gives you a clear view of all your M&T and non-M&T accounts in one place.


Spend and save with confidence.

Monitor where your money is going and how much you want to set aside to hit your future financial goals.

Stay on track with your personal dashboard.

Create a budget.

Money Smart is a dashboard that lets you set goals, plan ahead and feel comfortable with where your money is going.

Manage your cash flow.

Predict your monthly balance based on recurring deposits and payments like your mortgage, car lease or insurance.

Money Smart lets you view all your accounts in one place.

Plan for what's ahead.

  • Know what’s ahead to prevent overdrafts
  • Set goals for a vacation or bigger spend items
  • Save for college or an emergency fund
  • Make adjustments to impact your net worth
Financial Education Center

Improve your financial understanding.

Set personalized playlists for your unique situation and get step-by-step guides and advice for how to save for college, a house, your business or retirement.

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Got questions? We’re here to help.

Use the following steps to edit an account in Money Smart:

  1. From the Accounts view, select the account to edit to open the account detail view.
  2. Select the ellipsis on the top right and select Edit Details
  3.  Edit the account name and other details
    • In manual accounts, customers can also edit the account balance.

The APR and minimum payment information comes through on some accounts, but not all.

To edit the APR and minimum payment:

  1. Select the account
  2. Select Details to manually enter the account information.

Use the following steps to assist customers who wish to remove an account from Money Smart:

  1. From the Accounts view, select the Bank Icon in the upper right hand corner
  2. Then, select the Institution that has the account to be removed  
  3. Select the account to be removed, then toggle the option show this account. The account and its transactions are excluded from being calculated into the customer's budgets, spending etc. 
  4. Alternatively, customers can also remove all accounts from an institution permanently and simultaneously by disconnecting the institution. 
    • Deleting an institution also deletes all historical balance and transaction data associated with all accounts from that institution.
    • The customer should not disconnect an institution unless they are sure they are okay with losing all associated data.

To enroll in M&T Money Smart, log in to Online or Mobile Banking and select M&T Money Smart from the Services menu. From here, you’ll be able to enroll, then launch the dashboard.

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No. There’s no charge for M&T customers to use or enroll in Money Smart. However, data charges may apply.

To add external accounts in M&T Money Smart, you’ll need to have all of your external login information handy. Log in to Online or Mobile Banking, then select Menu > M&T Money Smart > Add an Account.

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When first getting started, most transactions will automatically be assigned a category. For those that aren’t categorized automatically or to change a category, select the individual transaction within the M&T Money Smart Transactions page, then select Category > Select a Category.

You can customize the categories according to your personal spending habits, including auto & transport, bills & utilities, entertainment, etc.

You can schedule one time or recurring transfers between your M&T accounts or pay your M&T Loan by tapping on the Menu icon on the top left and selecting Schedule a Transfer under the Transfers menu. If you are paying your M&T Installment Loan from an External Account, go to your Installment Loan Account Details in the mobile app and select Pay Now. You will then have the option to Pay From An M&T Account or Pay From An External Account.

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