Export Documentary Collections

We understand the challenges export businesses face in tracking and collecting payments from international customers. Find out how our International Trade Finance Group can help facilitate prompt collections.

About the Export Documentary Collections Process

You rely on international sales for growth. Yet, global sales can present risk as your company faces the challenge of tracking and collecting payments from international customers.

At M&T Bank, we understand this complex process and offer Export Documentary Collections to help facilitate the prompt collection of your company’s international receivables.

Reduced Collection Costs

M&T Bank helps your company achieve a smooth international payments process, so you can reduce the burden of the internal costs of collecting from international customers.

How It Works

  1. You negotiate the terms of the sale with your foreign customer and decide to use an Export Documentary Collection for payment. You initiate an Export Documentary Collection with M&T Bank.
  2. You ship the goods to your foreign customer and deliver the shipping documents to M&T Bank. M&T Bank arranges for the Export Documentary Collection.
  3. M&T Bank sends the shipping documents to your foreign customer’s bank, along with collection instructions.
  4. When your customer has met the conditions of the collection instructions, your customer’s bank releases the shipping documents to your customer.
  5. Your customer’s bank collects payment from them and forwards the payment to M&T Bank for your account.

Getting Started

Once you ship the goods to your international customer, you deliver the shipping documents to M&T Bank to begin the collection process.

​Manage your account online.

Our web-based trade management system, International Trade Online, allows you to efficiently handle your Export Documentary Collections, including document imaging and expediting your incoming payments.

​Count on support from our dedicated team.

M&T’s International Trade Finance Specialists have the knowledge to help solve your company’s most challenging international payments.

Note: Under Export Documentary Collections, M&T does not assume an obligation to pay you in the event that your foreign customer does not pay. M&T offers many other products, such as the Export Letters of Credit, designed to mitigate the risk of non-payment by your foreign customer. Subject to applicable International Chamber of Commerce uniform rules, customs or practices and any relevant agreements.
​All products and services are subject to eligibility and restrictions may apply.