Import Documentary Collections

You can rely on our International Trade Finance Group to help you access your purchases faster, so you can focus on growing your business.

About the Import Documentary Collection Process

Paying your foreign suppliers cash in advance of shipment can be risky, and tracking the status of transactions can get complicated.

Better Than Cash In Advance

With M&T Bank Import Documentary Collections, your company pays or signs a time draft in exchange for documents from your foreign supplier, so you can access your merchandise quickly.

Flexible & Comprehensive

M&T Bank works with you to set up an Import Documentary Collections program that meets your unique needs. M&T also offers a Power of Attorney feature, as well as foreign exchange services to accelerate and support your purchases from international markets.

How It Works

  1. You negotiate the terms of the sale with your foreign supplier to include an Import Documentary Collection for payment.
  2. Your foreign supplier ships the goods and sends the documents throu​gh its bank to M&T Bank.
  3. M&T Bank notifies you that the documents have arrived. Then M&T Bank helps your company arrange payment, according to the instructions of the Import Documentary Collection.
  4. M&T Bank transmits payment to your foreign supplier’s bank.
  5. M&T Bank releases the shipping documents to your company, so you can take delivery of the goods.

Getting Started

Your foreign supplier sends the documents through its bank to M&T Bank, once the goods are shipped.

​Manage your account online.

Our web-based trade management system, International Trade Online, allows you to efficiently handle your Export Documentary Collections including document imaging and expediting your incoming payments.

​Count on support from our dedicated team.

M&T’s International Trade Finance Specialists have the knowledge to help solve your company’s most challenging international payments.

Subject to applicable International Chamber of Commerce uniform rules, customs or practices and any relevant agreements.
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