Automated Payables Solutions

Reduce paper-intensive processing steps, create an efficient procure-to-pay process, improve cash flow, and simplify reconciliation. We can help.

M&T Automated Payables Solutions

The traditional procure-to-pay process can be costly and inefficient, especially when it’s paper-based and manual. M&T Bank offers custom solutions to implement card-based payments within accounts payable, creating efficiencies, and potentially generating revenue for your organization. 

We offer electronic supplier payments utilizing Visa® commercial cards, which are assigned for each supplier or for each payment batch. Our tools are easily implemented and utilize a web-based interface, virtually eliminating the need for additional software and simplifying your account reconciliation process. Now paying suppliers is even more efficient, saving you time and resources.

Automated Payables Benefits

  • Lower Costs and Greater Efficiency. Streamline your operations and reduce manual check payments with electronic processing. Improve your cash flow and reduce your procure-to-pay costs
  • Convenience. Our web-based solution is designed to process your card payments, send payment instructions to your suppliers, and offer you a reconciliation file when transactions clear. Process ad hoc payments or upload batch payment files to save time and money
  • Control. Allow suppliers to take flexible payments or require them to enter the exact amount indicated on the invoice in order for a payment transaction to be authorized. Flexible reporting provides increased financial control and insight​

Product Features

  • Online Access. Our solutions utilize a web-based interface, virtually eliminating the need for additional software
  • Bulk Invoice Processing. Submission of large numbers of accounts payable (AP) invoices within a single file, creating efficiencies for your AP department
  • Control Over Payments. Allow suppliers to charge cards up to the total amount of approved invoices or require them to enter the exact amount indicated on their payment advice, thus reducing supplier payment errors and aiding reconciliation
  • Reconciliation File. Access reconciliation reports electronically so you can match invoices to payments easily
  • Supplier Enablement. M&T’s Supplier Enablement​​ support enables you to drive acceptance and grow your program. Multiple suppliers’ profiles and account information are uploaded through a file process, easily implementing our tools in your procure-to-pay process

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