Consolidated Payables

Eliminate the need to prepare and send multiple payment files to M&T Bank by conveniently sending one file in a format familiar to your systems.

Simplify your payables process.

Consolidated Payables provides the ability to streamline and optimize the payables process through the transmission of a single file that combines Automated Clearing House (ACH), wire transfer, check (including printing), and Commercial Card payments.

Take advantage of Consolidated Payables’ many features and benefits.

Reduce costs and gain efficiency in operations by centralizing the origin of payments. Leave the headache of maintaining multiple payment processes, files, and transmissions behind you.


Improve your cash flow. Take the opportunity to speak with your Commercial Card Consultant to transition check payments to Commercial Card payments.


M&T offers acknowledgements that your file has been received, or rejected due to a format error. The file receipt confirmation helps you stay informed of your payments with a summary detailing counts and amounts per payment type.

Understand the Process

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Consolidated Payables FAQs

If you are currently sending a high volume of various payments, are upgrading your ERP system, or are considering moving volume from check to Commercial Card, Consolidated Payables can be a valuable solution for you.

If you are looking to take a proactive approach to managing your payables process, consider Consolidated Payables. You can leverage automation to reduce risk from manual entry of payments and implement a scalable payables process that will allow you to grow your business without adding more employees to manage your payments.

You can include your instructions for Automated Clearing House (ACH), wire transfer, check (including printing), and Commercial Card payments all in one file.

During onboarding M&T Bank will provide you specifications for the file that you will submit to M&T via transmission.

You will receive email and/or transmission confirmation that M&T has received your file. The notification will include details of any initial errors detected.

Consolidated Payables is currently a straight-through-process only. Online approvals are not currently available, but are a planned enhancement.

Our team is happy to evaluate your current payables process and offer a solution. Please contact your dedicated Relationship Manager or M&T’s Commercial Service Team at 1-800-724-2240 from 8 am – 6 pm ET to find out more about how to benefit from Consolidated Payables.

Looking for previous day reporting capabilities?

M&T now offers this service in a variety of file formats and frequencies to provide you with critical account and transaction information needed to reconcile your account processes. Click here to learn more.

The service and each transaction type included in consolidated payables files are governed by M&T Bank’s standard Master Treasury Management Services Agreement and other treasury management related documents and/or the Charge Card/Corporate Card Agreement and charge card related documents applicable to each such transaction type.
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