Supplier Enablement

Drive acceptance and grow your card program with the full suite of enablement tools we've created to help you reach your business goals.

Who is eligible for the M&T Bank Supplier Enablement Program?

The M&T Bank Supplier Enablement Program is designed for M&T Bank Commercial Card customers. Through this program, you can encourage your suppliers to accept payments from your business using your Commercial Card instead of a check. This will help you save time, reduce paperwork, and maximize your card benefits. 

How It Works

M&T will help you identify and implement the best strategies for your supplier enablement campaign. For qualified programs, our recruitment team will partner with you to conduct an outreach initiative–or provide the communication tools and materials needed to manage your internal supplier recruitment campaign.

Benefits for Your Business

  • Convenience. Pay more vendors with your Commercial Card to reduce paperwork
  • Dedicated Support. M&T offers dedicated resources to assist with vendor outreach 
  • Targeted Approach. Receive customized implementation planning, assistance and execution

Supplier Enablement Program Features 

  • Enhanced Data Reporting. Enjoy transparency, company-wide spend visibility and improved supplier management
  • Existing Supplier Network. Leverage an existing network of millions of suppliers that accept cards for business-to-business payments

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