M&T Credit and Debit Cards with Contactless Technology

Learn about contactless technology offered with M&T Credit and Debit Cards and how you can “tap to pay", making your purchases and payments more convenient.

Introducing a faster, more convenient way to pay.



When you tap to pay, your payment is processed in seconds so you can quickly be on your way


No need to insert or swipe your card.  Just tap your card over the Contactless Symbol  on the checkout terminal


Contactless cards use the same security as chip cards by generating a unique, one-time-use code, which helps to protect your payment information

Whether it’s a coffee shop, grocery store, fast food restaurant or anywhere you see the contactless symbol , tap to pay and be on your way in seconds.

Look for the contactless indicator on the front of your card.

Your M&T Credit and Debit card with contactless technology will display the indicator on the front of the card, right next to the chip.

If you do not see the contactless indicator, don’t wait for your card to expire, request your contactless-enabled M&T card today:

  • Online at mtb.com/replacecard 
  • Call us
    • For Credit Cards, call 1-866-279-0888
    • For Retail Debit Cards, call 1-800-724-2440
    • For Business Debit Cards, call 1-800-724-6070
  • Visit a branch

For your convenience, your card number will not change when you upgrade your card.

Have questions?

  • Review Contactless Technology F A Qs
  • Credit Card Customers call 1-866-279-0888, Retail Debit Card Customers call 1-800-724-2440, Business Debit Card Customers call 1-800-724-6070  (Monday–Friday, 6am–9pm and Saturday-Sunday, 9am-5pm ET)
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