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M&T Bank Treasury Center Video Resources

Treasury Center Upgrade

Utilizing Preview Mode in Treasury Center (length 20:26)

Getting Started

Treasury Center Overview (length 1:16)

Adding and Managing Widgets (length 1:00)

Creating an Alert (length 3:24)

Customizing List Views (length 3:33)

Exporting Information from Treasury Center (length 3:37)



Creating an ACH Template (length 2:21)

Importing a NACHA File for Processing (length 2:21)

Processing an ACH Batch using an ACH Template (length 3:34)

Processing an ACH - Full Overview (length 36:25)


Processing a Wire Transfer - Full Overview (length 26:25)

Positive Pay

Decisioning Positive Pay Exceptions (length 2:06)

Importing Positive Pay Issue Void Files (length 2:15)

Creating a Single Positive Pay Issue-Void Item (length 2:18)

Real-Time Payments

Real-Time Payments Overview (length 2:14)


Balance Reporting/Check Management

Accessing a Bank Report (length 1:42)

Balance Reporting and Imaging - Full Overview (length 21:57)

Account Transfers

Processing an Account Transfer Quick Tutorial (length 2:06)

Processing an Account Transfer - Full Overview (length 17:47)

Approval Structures

Setting Up Approval Structures (length 12:47)


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Customizing Your List Views

Creating an Alert

What is Real-Time Payments?