Earn up to $600

For a limited time, get a $300 cash bonus when you open an M&T Tailored Business Checking account, and earn up to an additional $300 when you open a Merchant Services account, both with qualifying activities.,

Offer ends 6/30/21


We will credit $300 bonus (the "Checking Bonus") to a new M&T Tailored Business Checking account opened between 4/15/21 and 6/30/21 if the Average Ledger Balance in the account is at least $5,000 in the third full calendar month after the account was opened. If the requirements are met and the Account remains open, the Checking Bonus will be credited to the Account within 45 days after the end of the third full calendar month after the account was opened. The Checking Bonus is reportable for tax purposes and is not available to employees of M&T Bank or any of its affiliates. The Checking Bonus is not available to customers who have had a non-personal M&T checking account within the previous 90 days of opening an M&T Tailored Business Checking account. Only one Checking Bonus will be awarded per customer regardless of the number of new M&T Tailored Business Checking accounts opened. A $50 Account Closure Fee applies if the account is closed within the time period referenced in the Commercial Deposit Account Fee Schedule.
The Bonus offer is available for merchants who do not currently have an M&T Bank Merchant Services® account and fulfill the following conditions during the Offer Period of 4/15/21 to 6/30/21: (1) open a new M&T Bank Merchant Services account; (2) currently has or open an M&T Business Checking account to accept merchant deposits; (3) merchant must be active and process $20 in merchant transactions within a calendar month no later than 9/30/21 to receive the one-time $200 bonus (“The Bonus”); and (4) merchant must be active and process at least $4,000 in merchant transactions within a calendar month no later than 9/30/21 in order to receive the additional $100 bonus (“The Incremental Bonus”). If the conditions are met, the bonus(es) will be credited to your M&T Business Checking account by 12/31/2021. Only one Bonus offer will be awarded, regardless of the number of locations for a merchant. This Bonus offer may not be combined with any other promotional merchant services offers (excluding the $9.95 Tailored Checking Promotion.) This Bonus offer is subject to credit underwriting, due diligence requirements, and approval of an M&T Bank Merchant Services account in accordance with M&T’s requirements. The Bonus and Incremental Bonus are reportable for tax purposes and may be considered taxable income.

How to open a business checking account

You can open an account online today or at your nearest M&T Bank branch where a Business Banking Specialist can assist you.

When opening a business checking account, you'll need to have the right documentation.

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Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • All applicants are subject to review of past account handling and verification of the information provided
  • Business documentation may be required depending on business ownership structure (please contact a branch associate for details)

Top Features

M&T Tailored Business Checking is a checking account shaped to fit many of our small business customers and the way they do business.

  • Monthly Maintenance Fee: $20
  • No Monthly Maintenance Fee if at least one of the requirements below is met:
    • Maintain $10,000 monthly Average Ledger Balance
    • Maintain $25,000 Average Ledger Balance between checking & savings
    • Make $2,000 in purchases on a linked M&T Business Credit Card
    • M&T Bank Merchant Services proceeds deposited into this account
  • No Monthly Maintenance Fee for 3 months
  • No charge for first 500 transaction items and first $20,000 currency deposited or supplied per month
  • Earn a preferred relationship rate on a Commercial Savings Account when linked to Tailored Business Checking

Additional account features are designed to help you save time and money, while providing you with peace of mind and convenient access to your account.


Monthly Maintenance Fee


Additional Transaction Items Fee

$0.50 per item in excess of first 500 checks paid, checks deposited, deposit tickets (whether physical or created virtually in connection with an ATM, mobile, remote check deposit or other electronic deposit), ACH credits and ACH debits

Additional Currency Deposited/Supplied Fee

$0.25/$100 in excess of first $20,000

Paper Statement Fee

$2.00 (waived if account is enrolled in electronic delivery and does not receive paper statements)

Is this product right for your business?

This product is best for business owners who:

  • Want to take advantage of a business credit card and leverage charges to waive maintenance fees
  • Want to save money with a dynamic checking account that can help you avoid maintenance fees
  • Utilize Merchant Services and wish to save on maintenance fees
  • Want to carry balances in their business savings accounts and leverage combined balances to waive maintenance fees
  • Are looking for a scalable checking account solution

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There is no monthly maintenance fee if requirements are met, but other transaction and service fees, including insufficient funds (NSF) and overdraft fees, may apply.
​$20.00 per month, unless the Average Ledger Balance is $10,000 or more. 
​$20.00 per month, unless the sum of the Average Ledger Balances of the account and any linked Commercial Savings account is $25,000 or more.
​$20.00 per month, unless the purchases made on a linked M&T Business Credit Card or M&T Business Rewards Credit Card totaled $2,000 or more in the credit card statement cycle ending in that month.
​$20.00 per month, unless there is 1 or more deposits of M&T Merchant Services Proceeds into the account.
Transaction items are: deposit tickets (teller or virtual), checks paid, checks deposited, ACH credits received (not generated by the customer), and ACH debits received (not generated by the customer). ATM cash deposits are not considered a transaction item.
​Fees for additional currency deposited or supplied are $0.25/$100.
To have qualified for this relationship annual interest rate, a Commercial Savings account and M&T Tailored Business Checking must be opened under the same account owner with a minimum balance of $100.00. Annual interest rate will be applicable to deposits less than $1,000,000. Commercial Savings is a variable-rate account; accordingly, the interest rate may change. The interest rate will be set by M&T Bank at its discretion without reference to any index, formula or schedule.
M&T Bank Merchant Services® are available subject to completion of a Merchant Services application and credit approval. Merchant Services are provided subject to the terms and conditions of M&T Bank's Merchant Services Agreement. Availability of funds is subject to M&T Bank's Funds Availability Policy. Additional terms and conditions apply.
M&T Business Credit Cards are available subject to completion of an application and credit approval.
M&T Bank’s Remote Check Deposit ("RCD") services are provided subject to M&T Bank’s standard Treasury Management Services Agreement for the provision of RCD services ("RCD Agreement").

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What are all of the transaction types?

Transactions include checks paid or deposited, cash deposits, and ACH debits and credits


Transaction items are: checks paid, checks deposited, ACH credits/debits received, and deposit tickets (whether physical or created virtually through channels such as an ATM, Mobile, or Remote Check Deposit).
All M&T checking accounts are subject to M&T standard account agreements.
Unless otherwise specified, all advertised offers and terms and conditions of accounts and services are subject to change at any time without notice. After an account is opened or service begins, it is subject to its features, conditions and terms, which are subject to change at any time in accordance with applicable laws and agreements. Please contact an M&T representative for full details.
​All products and services are subject to eligibility and restrictions may apply.
Services are provided subject to M&T Bank’s Master Treasury Management Services Agreement or the M&T Digital Services Agreement, as applicable. 
See ​pricing information (PDF)​ for complete Terms and Conditions associated with M&T Bank Visa® Business credit card.
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