Traditionally, the mortgage application process has been complicated and confusing. Between chasing down stacks of paper statements and documentation and meeting with a loan representative during “banker’s hours,” the process was fraught with frustration and inconvenience.  

An easier way to apply

Online mortgage pre-approval applications streamline the process and add greater transparency in a surprisingly simple format, whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, leveling up, or refinancing. An intuitive interface guides you through the process. You can apply anywhere and anytime with confidence, and the days of waiting for and wondering about your pre-approval are over. 

Using any device, simply follow the online application’s prompts and answer basic financial and employment questions. Input your basic information into the simple interface, and the application does the rest. It can even import your financial data from your bank, as well as other banks to verify your income and assets, eliminating the need to supply copies of paper statements.

So, if you have a few minutes between appointments or on the soccer field sidelines, it’s easy to get started. If you’re interrupted, simply save your application and finish it later.

An answer that’s just as binding

Once you submit your preapproval application, you can know in minutes if you’re pre-approved. The pre-approval is just as binding as one you’d get from a loan representative over the phone or in a branch and helps you confidently understand your buying power. With just a few clicks you can be planning your next steps.

Additional documentation will be needed. The online application delivers a handy list that tracks any information you may need to supply. Simply take a photo of any additional documents requested and submit them through the app.

Help is here when you need it

Sometimes, financial situations are complicated. Perhaps you’re self-employed with an irregular income or using equity from one property to buy another. The simple online application will help you confidently organize your information for ease of use.

Have a question? Throughout the process, you can always call on an experienced M&T loan expert for answers.

You have the power

When you know your options, you’ll feel confident you have all the information you need to make the best decision for your situation. Online mortgage pre-approval applications make it fast, easy and convenient to buy or refinance your home. Applying for a pre-approval has never been simpler.

Apply online or contact a loan officer to start your mortgage journey.

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