Making Deposits

Learn the basics about making deposits and funds availability.

What You Should Know When Making a Deposit

When you make a deposit into your checking account, you may want to use that money right away to get cash, write checks, or make a purchase. But as is the case at other banks, there are a number of factors that impact how quickly you can access the money you've deposited into your M&T checking account.

​​Types of Deposits

When you make a deposit, how quickly you can access the funds depends on the type of deposit (cash, check, electronic direct deposit, etc.), whether you make a deposit at a branch or ATM, and even the time of day. Remember: How, when, where and what type of deposit you make will impact when funds become available for use.

​Direct Deposit

Use direct deposit whenever possible – funds from an electronic direct deposit are available for your use on the same business day that we receive the deposit.

Online Banking

Log in to M&T Online Banking to look at your deposit. When you click on the deposit in your transaction history, you will see when the deposit will be available to you.

For specific information about when funds from deposits become available for use, talk to a representative at your local M&T branch today. You can also refer to the Availability Disclosure for Consumer Deposit Accounts provided at account opening and available from an M&T representative.

Available Balance vs. Total Balance

To understand how much money is truly available to you, you must know the difference between available balance and total balance. Also, it's important to note that available and total balance may vary if you have a hold on your account from a debit card purchase.

  • ​Available balance. Funds on deposits that are available for your use in writing checks or making other withdrawals
  • Total balance. Includes all available and unavailable funds in your account

How the Timing of a Check Deposit Works


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