Retirement Planning Calculators

Whether you’re retiring in months or years, our calculators can help you make informed retirement decisions based on your unique financial situation.

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Am I Saving Enough for Retirement?

You’ve worked hard for your money, so make sure your money works hard for you when you retire. From estimating how long your savings will last to factoring in how tax laws affect contributions, and much more, this calculator makes it easy to understand whether you’re saving enough.


How Will Retirement Affect My Expenses?

Based upon your personal needs and spending habits, your expenses will naturally fluctuate over time. Simply enter them into this calculator to get an idea of how much they’ll adjust based upon inflation rates, housing costs, medical expenses, and other individual factors.


How Much of an Effect Can Inflation Have?

Changes in inflation impact your retirement funds for better or worse. This straightforward calculator helps you understand how unanticipated inflation increases will affect your fully funded expenses. It helps you stay informed throughout retirement and adjust accordingly.


What Will My Expenses Be After I Retire?

More than just showing you the yearly breakdown of your retirement expenses, this calculator categorizes them into living expenses and taxes owed to help you plan and adjust as needed. You’ll easily see how taxes can impact your withdrawals and wages during retirement.


How Much Will Social Security Provide After Retirement?

You’ve spent years paying into Social Security. Find out how much it will pay you back. This handy calculator considers your age, marital status, length of retirement, and income earned to estimate what you can expect to receive from Social Security in retirement.

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