Your plans for staffing

Share your ideas for recruiting, utilizing and paying your workforce.

Workforce and support personnel business plan

A key element to securing financing is to lay out your plan for staffing in your business plan. Lenders and investors want to see how much you plan to spend on labor and how each role is going to help the business be profitable. Describe the positions that will be included at the start of your business and then share your plans for additional staffing as you begin to grow. How much will you pay each position? What benefits are included and how much will they cost you? Who will oversee each department and how many employees will report to each manager? Present a clear picture of your organization and justify why each position is necessary.

Recruiting personnel examples in your business plan

You’ve identified the positions you’ll need both to start your business and to grow it. Now, describe your strategy for how you’re going to land qualified candidates. Show potential lenders and investors that you know how to reach the people who are going to help you succeed. Be detailed about your plan for advertising, networking and recruiting. Provide example scenarios for finding talent. Be sure to identify any costs.

A strong business plan can help prepare you for funding conversations with M&T.

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