Define what makes your business special

Your mission statement can attract employees, retain customers, satisfy lender requirements and provide a roadmap for your future success.

Embrace the process

With your business plan’s mission statement, you’ll be differentiating your business. You’ll be defining what you’re about for yourself, your organization and anyone doing business with you. Take the time to craft a statement that truly reflects why you do what you do. Start by asking yourself how your business is different from any other organization. 

Maybe it’s the principles you stand for, the relationships you maintain with suppliers or a cutting-edge technology or process that you employ. Work towards a concrete, specific summary of what your business is and why it’s special. In doing so, you’ll identify the core identity that will serve as your guidepost for all of your work going forward.

Skip the cliches

A lot of businesses claim to provide “world-class” customer service or to have “the best possible” product or work environment. Eliminate buzzwords and instead focus on an actionable statement that can only apply to your individual business. Describe the personality of your business and its purpose.

A strong business plan can help you secure financing and seed investment from M&T.

Partner with M&T Bank

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