Become an M&T Supplier

Learn more about registering to become an M&T supplier and how the supplier program aligns with our overall diversity strategy.

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Register to become an M&T supplier.

We appreciate your interest in being a supplier for M&T. In order to be considered, you must first register through our Ariba Supplier Registration portal, which will allow you the opportunity to be considered for future business within the categories/services listed when you register. Please be sure to complete the registration process fully and accurately. Please understand that this is only a means for registration for future consideration. It is in no way a commitment by M&T that you will be considered or selected as a supplier for M&T.

Evaluation of potential vendors includes, but is not limited to, the following factors:

  • Quality and reliability of products and services
  • Customer service
  • Fair and competitive pricing
  • Amount and type of risk 
  • Digital and physical security
  • Reputation and history of the supplier

We often request information from vendors in several different forms during the normal course of business, such as completing risk-related surveys, providing audited financial statements and certificates of insurance, providing a demonstration of a product or service, etc. Our supplier risk management strategy includes identifying, assessing, monitoring, and controlling risk associated with third party relationships.

When you’re ready to register:

  • Review the Ariba Supplier Registration Instructions and follow the highlighted steps
  • Diverse Vendors please make sure to fill out any questions regarding diversity in the Ariba portal
  • Contact the Ariba Help Desk directly with questions about using the tool. Call 1-866-218-2155 or email