M&T Supplier Terms & Requirements

M&T is committed to engaging socially-responsible and diverse suppliers who observe the highest standards of business conduct. Learn more about M&T’s requirements for its suppliers.

Supplier Requirements

  • M&T expects its suppliers to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, to implement policies and procedures to manage and address risks prudently, and to conduct their businesses in a professional and socially-responsible manner. Among other safeguards, M&T suppliers are required to implement and adhere to appropriate security, privacy, business resiliency, and insurance controls and requirements.
  • Suppliers must be approved by M&T in advance of any expectation for payment.
  • M&T conducts due diligence/anti-money-laundering/crime prevention checks throughout the life of its supplier relationships. Accordingly, M&T may require additional information from its suppliers before initiating new supplier relationships and making payments to its suppliers.
  • A supplier should never use the names or marks of or refer to or identify M&T or any of its affiliates in any publicity releases, promotional or marketing materials, public announcements, testimonials, or advertising without the prior written approval of M&T.
  • Equal Opportunity Notice: All M&T contractors and subcontractors are required to abide by the requirements of 41 CFR 60-1.4 and related regulations regarding affirmative action, to the extent applicable.
  • Confidentiality: M&T expects that its suppliers will respect and protect the confidential and proprietary information of M&T. Suppliers of M&T play a critical role in safeguarding this information. If, through their support of M&T, a supplier gains access to such information, it is imperative that the supplier take all appropriate precautions to prevent the unauthorized access to, and disclosure of, this information. The very existence of a relationship between a supplier and M&T may constitute confidential information. A supplier should never promote or advise others of its relationship with M&T without M&T's prior written consent.


M&T requires its suppliers to agree to the terms of a master agreement before it procures products from such supplier. The agreement will, among other things, establish the legal framework governing the business relationship, including security requirements, personnel screening standards, business continuity and disaster recovery requirements, and minimum insurance requirements.

In limited circumstances, M&T may, in its sole discretion, purchase certain goods or services without a master agreement or other written and signed contract. In those cases, the below terms and conditions apply. If, however, a written and signed agreement has been entered into between M&T and the supplier, such written and signed agreement will supersede the below terms and conditions.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Learn more about how to become a supplier with M&T Bank by contacting us at suppliermailbox@mtb.com.