M&T Supplier Standards

M&T is committed to engaging socially-responsible and diverse suppliers who can provide the best combination of quality and value while observing standards of business conduct consistent with M&T’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

M&T expects its suppliers to read, understand, and follow the principles set forth in its

Supplier Code of Conduct 

In addition, M&T values suppliers that understand M&T’s commitment to effectively managing the operational and reputational risks related to, and meeting the legal and regulatory requirements governing, M&T’s business relationships with third parties. Accordingly, M&T suppliers are expected to follow the below principles:

  • Suppliers must be approved by M&T in advance of any expectation of payment.
  • Suppliers are required to participate in M&T’s third-party risk management program, if applicable. Our third-party risk management framework includes identifying, assessing, monitoring, and controlling risks associated with third-party relationships. This includes, but is not limited to, periodic assessments of a supplier’s security policies, disaster recovery and backup procedures, operational resilience and business continuity controls, insurance policies, and personnel screening procedures. It also includes ongoing due diligence, anti-money-laundering, and crime prevention checks throughout the life of the supplier relationship.
  • In addition to the principles set forth in M&T’s Supplier Code of Conduct, M&T expects its suppliers to follow all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.
  • M&T requires its suppliers to strictly abide by all of the terms and conditions contained in any agreement entered into between M&T and the supplier. Please see below for more information regarding M&T’s Master Agreement and Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.


Master Agreement

M&T requires its suppliers to agree to the terms of a master agreement before it procures products from such supplier. The agreement will, among other things, establish the legal framework governing the business relationship, including security requirements, personnel screening standards, business continuity and disaster recovery requirements, and minimum insurance requirements.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

In limited circumstances, M&T may, in its sole discretion, purchase certain goods or services without a master agreement or other written and signed contract. In those cases, the below terms and conditions apply. If, however, a written and signed agreement has been entered into between M&T and the supplier, such written and signed agreement will supersede the below terms and conditions.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Learn more about how to become a supplier with M&T Bank by contacting us at suppliermailbox@mtb.com.