M&T Supplier Standards

M&T Bank Corporation and its subsidiaries (collectively referred to as M&T) is committed to building a stronger community together and to the success of our customers and shareholders. 

As our business partners, we expect that our Suppliers operate with integrity, the highest ethical standards, and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations at all times. This commitment includes engaging socially responsible suppliers who can provide the best combination of quality and value while observing standards of business conduct consistent with M&T’s Supplier Code of Conduct and remaining committed to supporting our customers and communities.

A Supplier is any third party that provides a product or service to M&T. The following persons, entities, and organizations are covered by this Supplier Code of Conduct: suppliers, vendors, contractors, temporary workers, consultants, professionals, any third-party performing on behalf of M&T. This includes owners, officers, directors, employees, affiliates, contractors, and subcontractors of these persons, entities, and organizations, all of which are the responsibility of Supplier to manage and maintain in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and these Supplier standards. 

The Supplier Code of Conduct sets forth M&T’s expectations for Suppliers and outlines key principles that align with the legal and regulatory framework that governs M&T. M&T expects its suppliers to read, understand, and follow the principles set forth in these Standards and the Supplier Code of Conduct . M&T’s Supplier Code of Conduct may change from time to time and we expect that our Suppliers will remain well-versed in these expectations as they evolve. The Supplier Code of Conduct does not constitute an employment contract or commitment to a Supplier or prospective Supplier. Nothing contained herein is intended to convey any rights, actions, or remedies to Suppliers, prospective Suppliers, or their employees.

Master Agreement

M&T requires its suppliers to agree to the terms of a master agreement before it procures products from such supplier. The agreement will, among other things, establish the legal framework governing the business relationship, including security requirements, personnel screening standards, business continuity and disaster recovery requirements, and minimum insurance requirements.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

In limited circumstances, M&T may, in its sole discretion, purchase certain goods or services without a master agreement or other written and signed contract. In those cases, the below terms and conditions apply. If, however, a written and signed agreement has been entered into between M&T and the supplier, such written and signed agreement will supersede the below terms and conditions.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (PDF) >

Invoice Requirements

1.    Purchase Order Number
2.    Invoice Number (duplicate Invoice Numbers will be rejected)
3.    Invoice Date (must be post Purchase Order Date)
4.    Bill to Information (e.g., John Smith – M&T)
5.    Ship To address (if applicable)
6.    Itemized description of service rendered and/or goods delivered.
              a. Tax, Shipping, and reimbursable expenses are separate line items
              b.  Quantity of products and/or services (if applicable)
7.    Amount Due (incl. stated form of currency)
8.    Remit To company name and address

Full Invoice Requirements and FAQ >


An up-to-date W-9 needs to be on file with M&T prior to any order. Invoices must match the W-9 on file, with matching Company Name and Address on file for processing.

All information on the invoice must match the details on the Purchase Order for processing. Invoices should be submitted independently through M&T’s invoice application (Ariba). Invoices submitted in combination with other invoices in a single file or submission risk nonpayment or rejection.

Learn more about how to become a supplier with M&T Bank by contacting us at suppliermailbox@mtb.com.