Our Workforce

We believe our employees are one of the main reasons M&T is a great place to work.

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At M&T Bank, we strive to foster a supportive environment that values, respects, and leverages different talents and perspectives. Our employees' varied backgrounds and diverse perspectives, willingness to collaborate and bring their full selves to work - that openness is what keeps us competitive, and makes M&T a great place to work.

The table below shares some demographic information about our employees. 

Employee Category Female Male Minority White
Executives/Senior Level Managers1 19% 81% 4% 96%
Management/Professionals2 50% 50% 16% 84%
Sales3 62% 38% 23% 77%
Administrative Support4 80% 20% 32% 68%
Total Workforce 62% 38% 22% 78%


1 Aligns with EEO-1 Category of “Executives/Sr Officials & Mgrs.”
Aligns with EEO-1 Categories of “First/Mid Officials & Mgrs.” and “Professionals”
Aligns with EEO-1 Category of “Sales Workers”
Aligns with EEO-1 Category of “Administrative Support”

Data is a summary of our most recent EEOC submission. Data as of 12/8/18.

M&T Bank Corporation is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer., including disabilities and veterans.