M&T Bank’s Mortgage Social Media Disclosures

M&T is an Equal Housing Lender and is committed to protecting the rights of consumers.


This webpage contains disclosures related to M&T mortgage social media messages and does not include other general internet disclosures. Additional internet disclosures and policies can be found at mtb.com/help-center/policies.

For the purposes of mortgage lending, there are certain conditions and restrictions of the various lending products offered by M&T Bank and these products are subject to change or discontinuation without notice.

Refinancing your mortgage loan to reduce total monthly payments may lengthen the repayment term or increase total interest expense compared with your current situation.

Reverse mortgages are available in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington, DC. Consult your Social Security, Medicare, tax or other financial advisor to determine how reverse mortgage payments may affect your particular situation. You must also continue to occupy your home as your primary residence and keep it in good repair, with all taxes and insurance premiums up to date, and subject to the terms of your mortgage. This material was not developed by HUD or FHA, nor approved by them.

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M&T Bank Corporation is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.