A purpose for each dollar spent

M&T can help you develop a marketing budget and a strategy for how to spend your money.

How to create a marketing budget

How to determine marketing budget comes down to choosing a percentage of revenue to spend, choosing messaging channels in which to spend those dollars and determining what kind of results you want to see. 

A typical small business marketing budget plan example might include spending 5 percent to 10 percent of revenue on marketing. Next, you’ll need to determine how you’re going to reach your target audience. Maybe it’s through your content-rich website, social media outreach, emails and text messages — or most likely a combination of various channels. After that, you’ll need to determine what kind of results you aim to achieve, whether that’s a certain sales volume, visits to your website or other measurable metric. Your marketing budget plan will then determine how you’ll divide your marketing budget between each specific channel to meet your goals. As you might expect, your marketing budget plan will change as your business evolves.

The information you need to build your business right

M&T is invested in your success. Talk to one of our specialists about how to calculate marketing budget for your unique business. Building brand awareness is key to sustaining and growing your operation. You need to push the right messages through the right channels. To do that, you need a plan for how much to spend and how to spend it. We’ll help you find the resources you need to nail your marketing budget plan.

M&T Bank can provide resources to help you build an effective marketing strategy. Schedule an appointment with your local M&T branch.


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