Identifying risk

M&T Bank helps small businesses spot fraud and has tools to mitigate damage.

How to detect chargeback fraud

Chargeback fraud detection requires insight into your credit card sales and revenue trends. Better merchant reporting can give you clues to spot unusual activity. Make smarter, faster business decisions with M&T’s user-friendly merchant technologies. Our iQ Account Management tool allows you to access payment data from anywhere, anytime and easily manage the chargeback process. M&T can also provide up-to-date solutions for card acceptance security, chip technology, PCI compliance and encryption and tokenization that can combat all types of credit card fraud, including chargeback fraud.

Report chargeback fraud

If you believe you have been the victim of fraud related to your M&T accounts, notify us immediately so that we can take action to assist you. We can help you act quickly to gather information, dispute any fraudulent activity and minimize your loss. If anything looks suspicious, let us know right away. Never ignore unusual account activity

Learn how to help your business thwart off fraud. Visit your local M&T branch or schedule an appointment.


Detecting Fraud in Small Business

Our resources can teach you and your staff how to detect fraud, build protections to mitigate fraud risk and much more. Learn more about detecting fraud in small businesses.

Partner with M&T Bank

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