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How to detect ransomware

Ransomware is a form of malware that, when activated, encrypts or locks all the files on a computer or network. The cybercriminal will then demand a ransom to restore access to the files. The more critical the frozen information is to a company, the more expensive and devastating the damage can become. Some ransomware can even seize files stored in the cloud.

The best ransomware detection is education. It’s critical that your staff consistently follows best practices for replying to emails, browsing the internet, clicking on hyperlinks and much more. Cybercriminals use sophisticated methods to trick unknowing victims into inadvertently downloading ransomware by accidentally clicking on corrupt links or visiting criminal websites. M&T Bank can help you and your staff learn to spot the telltale signs that can alert you to ransomware threats. 

The importance of a data backup strategy

If you do suffer a data breach, your loss can be minimized if you’ve properly backed up your data. In the case of ransomware, you may be able to avoid paying a ransom to retrieve critical data if you’re able to access it via your backup source. Keep in mind that a data backup strategy is only as good as its recovery component, which means you should periodically test the integrity of the data replication and recovery process. M&T can help you build an effective data backup strategy.

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