A plan to protect your business

Every business needs effective cybersecurity.

What is a cyber attack?

In a cyber attack, a cybercriminal attempts to gain access to a computer or network to disable it or steal sensitive data like financial information or passwords. Common types of cyber attacks include phishing, social engineering, ransomware, spyware and many more. New types of fraud are being developed regularly and cybercriminals are getting increasingly sophisticated with their scams. Effective cyber security is an important consideration for every small business.

M&T Bank can help you build a plan to identify what information is sensitive, where it is stored, how it should be protected and what measures should be followed to secure it. It’s not difficult, but it is very important for guarding against cyber attacks. Our multifaceted approach to small business cybersecurity includes network and location perimeter protection, real-time continuous monitoring and detection of security incidents, vulnerability and penetration testing and intrusion detection systems.

Educate employees

Everyone on your team needs to understand your plan to protect the business and its customers. We can help you teach your employees how to recognize and avoid common cyber attacks like phishing and social engineering and to be suspicious of any unexpected or unsolicited emails, texts or phone calls.

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Small Business Fraud Types

Our resources can teach you and your staff how to recognize the signs of fraud and best practices for processing credit card transactions, avoiding suspicious hyperlinks, paying invoices, and much more. Learn more about types of fraud in small businesses.

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