Learn the telltale signs of fraud

With a vigilant approach, you can avoid falling victim to this common cyber attack.

Recognizing small business phishing attacks

Phishing is when a cybercriminal poses as someone trustworthy to lure sensitive information from unsuspecting victims. A phishing attempt might be an email claiming to be from a known and trusted institution like a bank that requests the person receiving the email to provide or confirm their account information or password. Or it could be a text message that appears to be from a reputable retailer and includes a link that, if clicked, installs malware onto the victim’s device. Cybercriminals use these and many more methods to appear trustworthy and “phish” for access to critical information. M&T Bank can help you combat their attacks.

Signs of phishing attacks that you can look for include unfamiliar email addresses, typos, oddly worded subject lines and suspicious links or attachments. At a glance, these things may appear normal or from someone you know. But because bots usually generate phishing attempts, they often don’t perfectly mimic an actual human. The irregularities can be spotted by a trained eye, and M&T Bank can help you and your staff learn to recognize the clues.

Don’t click that!

Your staff needs to be trained to never click a link or open an attachment on a text or email that they weren’t expecting. Cybercriminals use text and email to fraudulently pose as legitimate businesses. By clicking on hyperlinks or opening attachments in a fraudulent message, you or your employees could unknowingly give up critical information.

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Small Business Fraud Types

Our resources can teach you and your staff how to recognize the signs of fraud and best practices for processing credit card transactions, avoiding suspicious hyperlinks, paying invoices, and much more. Learn more about types of fraud in small businesses.

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