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Get cash, transfer funds, and check account balances at more than 1600 M&T Bank ATMs. Use our locator tool to find select ATMs that feature same-day envelope-free deposits.

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Deposits made before 8pm are considered received that business day (Monday-Friday, except Federal holidays)

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You’ll find M&T Bank ATMs in convenient locations throughout New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia. 

If you’re an M&T checking or savings account customer, you can use your M&T Debit Card or M&T ATM card to withdraw cash at any of our more than 1600 locations. 

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With ATM access at our branches and other select ATM locations you can:

  • Make same-day deposits to your M&T checking or savings account every business day until 8pm
  • Make cash and check deposits without an envelope or a deposit slip
  • Receive a cash deposit summary on your receipt
  • Opt to view check images on your receipt

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About M&T Chip-Enabled ATMs

What is a chip-enabled ATM?

An ATM that has the capability to process a chip card transaction. You may also hear ATMs with chip technology referred to as EMV ATMs. EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, the original organizations that created the specifications for the migration of chip technology.

Why is M&T upgrading the ATMs to a chip-enabled ATM?

For an ATM to be able to process a chip card, it must be chip-enabled, which provides added security and may help to reduce fraud.

Using M&T Chip-Enabled ATMs

Will the customer’s transaction experience change?

Yes, there will be an increase in transaction time in order to detect and authenticate the chip. Cards will be retained by the ATM for the duration of the transaction and be returned before cash is dispensed. At some locations (primarily non-branch locations), a customer may be prompted to insert their card a second time.

Can my non-chip card be used in a chip-enabled ATM?

A non-chip card will still work at M&T Bank ATMs.

Deposits made before 8pm are considered received that business day (Monday-Friday, except Federal holidays)
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