Build brand awareness

Push the right messages through the right channels.

Small business marketing ideas to drive customer engagement

Effective marketing involves bringing your message directly to your current and prospective customers or clients rather than passively waiting for them to find you. The trick is that not all people consume messaging the same way. Identifying which channels reach your targets is the key.

Small business owners have so many marketing channels available to them. Research, and sometimes even experimenting, can help you find where you should put your resources. A content-rich website gives your brand a home base. Email and text messaging are great for promoting your business, driving website traffic and collecting subscribers. Social media often works well for short-form content and videos. There are small business marketing tools that can help you manage multiple channels at once.

Get the most out of your data

Using retail as an example, consider what data like browsing and purchase history, abandoned carts, returns and location can tell you about a customer. Using that information, you can build more effective messaging.

Personalize your messages

Rather than send the same message to everyone, use what you learn from your data to send personalized messages that better relate to each individual. Automated tools can help segment your customers and vary your messages.

Get social

It’s undeniable that more and more people spend at least some time consuming content on social media. Studying your audience to know where they’re hanging out is key to building rapport.

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Growing Your Small Business

Understanding how to best acquire and retain new customers will help your business reach your growth goals and turn a profit in the long term.

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